three years old

Harper, though friendly and thoughtful, was very serious throughout her visit to the photo studio. She had a very earnest gaze in many of the photos. I’m curious to see her in 20 years to see if she’s anything like these photos! According to mom, Harper was very intentional about choosing the dress and shoes she would wear for her photos.

I noticed a trend in many of the kids – three year olds aren’t programmed to pose for a camera quite yet. After the initial twenty seconds of toothy grins (CHEEEEESE) wear off, most are happy to engage with me and tell me about their lives but when I had the camera in front of my face would kind of stare indefinitely. It was hilarious. My favorite part of the project when often when a kid would be so into her answer (“What do people do at a birthday party?” or “What kind of games do you like to play?”) that she would unselfconsciously use gestures to help convey the emotions of her story, or just to fidget. There was a lot of eye-poking going on. I can’t remember what we were talking about the moment we took this picture but I love Harper’s expression!

Thank you so much to all the parents who took the time to stop by studio hours in August. I had some great laughs at ridiculous three year old logic, and learned a lot about working with these tiny people who live in tiny kingdoms. I’d encourage anyone reading this to consider hiring a photographer to do individual portraits of kids in addition to the normal family portrait type of photos. A child’s life is full of magical moments.


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