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seen in other places…

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I made it to the UK and have had two cups of proper tea today in order to adjust to the time difference. There are lots of things about this place that I love already!

But for now I wanted to leave you with two links.

1. Awhile back, Tiffany gave the juxtaposition sessions some great press by blogging about her session over at weddingbee. More to come soon. [link] I love press on this project! I really want a gallery show in November or January.

2. Last week I did a workshop with groundbreaking Las Vegas based photographer John Michael Cooper of Alt-F. Let’s just say he’s the guy who invented the idea of ‘trash the dress’ or what has morphed into my fearless bridals — as in, not limiting the dress to sit in a box forever without being properly commemorated. At the end of the workshop, we watched him do an art bridal shoot…. recreating [in the rain] the image of little red riding hood (look carefully in the right side foreground for the wolf, which was actually his dog). We then watched as he made a composite of about 10 images to bring his final product to life. Intense and stunning. And too much work for me! Also of great note is my backside prominently featured as I was photographing jmc doing the zipline swing halfway through the video at the bottom. [ link to blog post ]

a little bit emotional

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Can I be honest here and say that’s it’s been a tough couple of days in the land of Nothing catastrophic has happened; I’ve just felt like keeping up with daily tasks has kept me running constantly without rest.

Jennifer sent me a link to this guy’s project. I’ve seen excerpts before, and each little dance has its own degree of amazingness, but the final montage is incredible. I just sat here watching it for the first time and it made me cry!

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

[ link to the video ]

Whenever something makes me cry, I like to try to figure out why. I ask myself… am I upset? Happy? In awe? Usually, exhaustion and frustration can actually be a helpful thing as it lessens my own ability to protect myself from real feelings. We all protect ourselves! This time, Matt connected with things deep inside me… a desire to bring such joy into other people’s lives in all different environments. It might sound kind of cheesy, but this montage is like the life I want to lead, personally and professionally having the opportunity to learn about and photograph people all around the world.

If nothing else, watch the video for the Papua New Guinea guys, and also the wheelchair guy in the crowd.

eta: BoingBoing tells a little bit more about Matt.