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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

destination wedding photographer

Yesterday I spent the entire day in an UNinspiring seminar with a photographer who basically cursed the entire time and told us how we can extort the most money out of our clients by offering odd print sizes and custom framing… and only taking the same 30 poses over and over because those are the ones that “sell.”

Is it just me, or is your wedding worth a little bit more effort than a generic set of posing?

Today I met with a NESOP photography student who totally inspired me. Marissa said she wasn’t really interested in weddings until she saw my website, and that wedding photography could be artful. That made me realize I need to keep doing what I’m doing, despite the advice from some well-established photographers such as the one I did not name above.

And then this afternoon… let me tell you I have been sitting here working on my computer for more than FIVE hours preparing a couple of albums to be printed. They look totally hot, but I need to learn how to streamline this album design work because it is out of control time consuming! That’s what I get for being an inefficient perfectionist.

Also, I was totally and completely thrilled at what came in today’s mail. I met Erin and Jared when I was in Chicago last week, and our session was near a chocolate factory. I could smell the chocolate the whole time, but the retail store wasn’t open for business on a Sunday so I joked about how frustrated I was to be able to smell but not taste that chocolate. So today I got a package with their hand-printed wedding save the date card (which I love), a handwritten note, and a couple of tasty bags of chocolate covered goodies. Thanks Erin and Jared!

destination wedding photographer