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a grand time

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I just about flipped when Christina suggested that we do their prewedding photo session in Newburyport, Massachusetts where she and Phil spend a lot of time. I would love to be able to call myself a Newburyport wedding photographer in the same way I would like to be a Concord wedding photographer. It’s just one of those quintessential new england towns that is small enough to be friendly and cute but happening enough to have stores and restaurants open past 5pm.

Furthermore, I was thrilled that we got to incorporate almost-six-year old Abby into the shoot. We all had a little adventure, going from the bakery to restaurants to the bookstore for all kinds of crazy cool photos. These guys had an amazingly optimistic attitude even though the rain never stopped! More on that later.

For now I want to share a few personal photos, which I don’t do that often on this blog. After talking with a coworker’s, Ali decided that a folding bike is exactly the right solution for his commute to work so he is not as dependent upon Lowell’s bus system schedule (subway-commuter rail-bus). I tell you what, I didn’t even know such a thing as a folding bike exists! On our way back to Boston, Ali and I stopped at a bike shop in Salem, MA to check out their folding bike collection.

Next to the Salem Bike Shop, there’s a cigar store that had these fantastic items in the front window (I love small towns!)

cigar shop in Salem MA

(dedicated to the lads of Moustache May)

Of course there was a cigar store indian, only this one was missing a large chunk of his arm so his hand is kinda just freefloating:

cigar store indian in Salem ma

And here’s a strange window display from what I presume is a tax prep office:

weird storefront in Salem MA

Ok, one more random photo to even it all out. On our way out of Newburyport to Salem we drove by this institutional looking corporation…. that had giant red robots guarding its drive. Ali and I have this thing for bots… but it was still kind of strange to see them right there in the middle of nowhere. Anyone know what company that is?

Newburyport MA red robots