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recent travel… a recap

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

The past week has been spectacularly tiring and exciting. I spent last Wednesday through Friday in Denver, Colorado for a wedding… and had an opportunity to visit a friend who is studying to be a Catholic priest at seminary. I attended mass with nuns in habit and ate lunch with sem students on their beautiful campus. It was quite an experience.

After shooting the Friday wedding at The Pines at Gennessee in Golden, Colorado with awesome Denver photographer Brooke Trexler, I rushed off to return my car before *barely* making my flight to Chicago. On Saturday I had the honor of working with legendary Terre Haute photographer Anne Ruthmann for her Saturday Chicago wedding. Anne is one of the most articulate and kind people I know. She has a good answer for just about every question and is huge on sharing her knowledge with other photographers. It was a great experience to work with both Brooke and Anne.

I extended my visit in Chicago when I learned that the Rockstar Roadtrip would be here yesterday. I heard two magnificent speakers… wedding photographer Corey McNabb and baby lifestyle photographer Amber Holritz (whose husband Nathan rocked my world with some amazing home-based workflow insights back in February). I was also pleased that my friend Jen Stewart would be at the workshop and so happy we got to hang out a bit and share a room with a view off Michigan Avenue. Also my buddy Kenny Kim was there making his usual “man about the country” appearance at just about every photo industry function. The dude is a Boda Bag rep for goodness sakes!

Best of all, I made a few new friends! I met photographers Priscilla, Samantha, Jessica, Michael, Kristen, and Katie. (among others whose websites I do not know). I am especially excited to see what happens in this upcoming year with Priscilla and the Chicago Bridal Loft!

It’s been a great week, but I am ready to be home in Boston with my hot husband Ali. I’ll be traveling to Newport, NYC, and Providence in the next few weeks so if you are up for a meeting or photoshoot in one of those locations send me an email! [ ]