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I should have gotten out the macro lens…

Monday, May 5th, 2008

… but I didn’t have the heart. On Sunday I was on my way to meet up with some local photographers and discovered my car was broken into. Again. Did I mention this happened about two weeks ago parked in the same spot right across the street from my house?

CAR BROKEN INTO in boston ma

The first time, they got our GPS system. This time, we were smart enough to bring it in the house, but were still putting the cord in the glove compartment Someone decided it was time to look again, and walked away with the GPS cord (?) and four dollar bills, leaving our parking quarters and the contents of our glove compartment scattered all over the front seat.

car broken into boston ma

What… you guys didn’t want the fruit snacks? Or Ali’s hardcore cd collection?

Why did they have to break in, again, on a rainy night? Why did they take the cord?