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a girl, a beach, and a gigantic flower

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Some outtakes from a recent family portrait session at Cowell Ranch Beach, near Half Moon Bay.

Admire my pretty little model! I asked them to bring some giant flower hairpieces, and look what mom found at Nordstroms. Fabulous! I’m fascinated by the look on her face here – it’s clearly a posed portrait, and I told her to sit like that… but the expression is such an interesting mix of serious, maybe a little perturbed, and at the same time innocent. Only girls at that age can be such a contradiction of terms.

flower headband from nordstrom

My just-graduated-from-elementary-school model was a little bit embarrassed to be walking around with a giant flower on her head, but luckily there weren’t any cute boys around so she soon forgot all about it and did what kids do best… play! Wheeeeee! This girl loves the ocean.

family portrait session half moon bay ca

I’m trying to do everything in black and white from now on, but the softness of the colors in this little running outtake just doesn’t translate in black and white.

family portraits cowell ranch beach

The beach we chose was a lovely, secluded little cove (Cowell Ranch Beach). We had to walk through some artichoke fields to get there!

family session on the beach san francisco

The 1/2 mile walk back to the car after a few hours at the beach…. can’t you just feel how well she’s going to sleep that night? I love this image because it tells such a story. The end of a long day for a working model… or a girl who just spent some time chasing waves in the sun.

Thank you so much for sharing that afternoon with me pretty lady!! And we’ll make sure none of the boys at your school see the outtakes from our photo shoot!