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Ashley O’Dell

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

A few more favorites from my portrait swap with Ashley O’Dell.

Ashley O'Dell Boston wedding photographer

And here’s the feedback I just got from her:

omg rachel! these are the best photos ever taken of me! no joke! they are amazing.

lomo fisheye

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Just got back a roll from my LOMO fisheye camera. The print lab included a disc with all the images even though it is analog 35mm film.

I love the strange distortions from this plastic, wide contortion lens. It also makes this delightfully tiny, plastic-sounding click that always cracks me up.

This image is from a portrait swap I did with another Boston-area wedding photographer: Ashley O’Dell.

portrait swap – Ashley O’Dell | Boston wedding photographer

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

I had a great time sharing my top secret photo spot with another Boston photographer this week. Ashley O’Dell is super terrific and wonderful and we laughed a lot as we checked out the old bear cage from 1912 that is still hanging out there in the woods next to a hiking trail. Talk about hip urban decay! And I have none other than Diana and Micah, who I get to see this Sunday at the wedding, who took me out there for their engagement session last year.

We dubbed the theme of the day ‘retro’ and we brought our little analog cameras and did portraits of one another with holgas, and she had this rangefinder camera that looks like an accordion and according to an aunt does actually still work. As you can see, Ashley does retro and wonderful very, very well (proof!).

My contribution to the theme was to wear this fabulous cape. It’s one of those outer coats that’s not heavy enough to keep you warm, and not so light as to be pure vanity. So, it’s basically applicable for a total of three days out of every year. We’re in the middle of those three days right now, luckily.