some more mini-sessions

We’ve been having such a good time doing these mini-sessions! Check out some recent families:

Boston photographer Rachel HadiasharBoston photographer Rachel HadiasharBoston photographer Rachel Hadiashar

It’s always fun to have another photographer as a client. Kim has taken to hiring me for a family portrait around the holidays, after DIY family portraits became difficult with a young child. They had me do a full session on a weekday evening, and then took me out to dinner afterwards. Keep it classy, Kim and family!

Belmont MA photographerBelmont MA family portrait

I love the first image of little R chilling in the grass. The moment seems so zen.

The site Kim chose was a great place for photos – Rock Meadow Conservation Area in Belmont, MA.

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  1. Joyce Says:

    That last one of R with her hand out is soooo beautiful! What a keeper! I hope you’re near me someday when I have a family. 😉 Or I”m near you….

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