family portraits in Boston MA

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These two will always be remembered as the wedding photos where we joined the Harvard Marching Band in a parade, and then did portraits in a comic book store. Unique and wonderful, now they’re propagating!

20 Responses to “R-A-D”

  1. Ulli Says:

    Fantastic images! 🙂

  2. Danielle Says:

    She loves the camera. These pictures are so joyous.

  3. Mat Says:

    Ayah and Rima look great! And Dave is also there.

    Seriously, Ayah looks adorable, if a bit confused by what’s going on.

  4. Adam Says:

    Love the pics! I think Ally is going need a photo shoot this May!

  5. gerry Says:

    What can I say?! Unbelievably beautiful. Not just the people, but the layout, lighting, etc. These are great images with a truly professional touch.

  6. Amanda Says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. 🙂 Love!!!

  7. Grammy Jo Says:

    About the Lamaze Toy…..is he another grandchild you’ve been withholding from me?
    A very photogenic fellow.

  8. fran Says:

    I think the pics are fantastic. You all look so wonderful! Just a beautiful family – thanks for sending me these wonderful pictures. Love you, Grandma

  9. Robin Says:

    SO beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing these– I really love the one where Rima is looking at Ayah.

  10. Diane Says:

    These will be forever kept and treasured from one generation to the next. Imagine being great-grandparents at some point?! Love the colors and the smiles. I can almost smell the crisp autumn air from how vivid the pictures look! So lovely!

  11. fran Says:

    I love the pictures. What a beautiful family. I am proud to be a Great Grandmother.

  12. Trinity Says:

    Really nice photos…what a beautiful family!! The wedding photos were all very nice also.

  13. Rajae Says:

    Beautiful photos! I loved the wedding photos, and can’t wait to see more photos of you and your beautiful Ayah!

  14. Amy Says:

    You all look fabulous. What a great memento these will be!

  15. Tara Says:

    Great photos, beautiful family!

  16. Tricia Says:

    love these. more pics of this adorable family PLEASE!

  17. Angela Helman Says:

    These are beautiful photos of you guys!

  18. christina keating Says:

    What wonderful photos. Beautiful people and beautiful photography. Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. carlin Says:

    Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!

  20. Grammie Sharon Says:

    Beautifully taken pictures of our beautiful family. Keepsakes!

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