Portland, Oregon: You really shouldn’t hire me for your family portraits.

As an enemy of mediocrity, I am a big believer in specialization.
Lots of photographers today try to do it all: weddings, newborns, families, pets, corporate headshots…

I have discovered that my joy is found in giving creative people photographs of themselves that help them feel successful and confident in life and on stage. This means that when symphony musicians, visual artists, and small business owners walk through my doors, I am confident I can provide interesting headshots to add to their repertoire. I also know that the women of all ages and all sizes who come through my studio to have a private boudoir folio made will walk out with a collection of flattering and natural-looking images to help her confidently celebrate a life milestone. Artisan portraits are my niche, and it means that despite how charmed I am by sweet families and funny children, and while I do enjoy bringing artistic black and white photography into the home for the occasional portrait commission, I am now redirecting potential family portrait clients elsewhere.

black and white portraits
black and white portraits

(The kids I do photograph tend to be individualists with a sense of humor like these two lovely ladies I photograph every year in Boston. Their mother’s love for black and white photography has been a basis for a wonderful collection that has grown through the years.)


I did one final set of family portraits in September for my east coast clients who live in the Boston area. Many of the legacy clients who hired me this year were among my first wedding commissions, and found me when I was just a fledgling photographer. Every time I am on the east coast I try to find an excuse to connect, and I am grateful for their enthusiastic support as my artistic voice emerged.

I also flirted with a personal project this year in the THREE YEARS OLD study. Those photos were fun, hilarious, and full of personality. I loved the whole thing.

But… I don’t want you to hire me to do your family portraits this year! I want you to go to someone who specializes in child and family work, and will traipse all over Portland with you.

Here are some Portland photographers I know who will treat you right and give you a good price for their work. (Bonus: much less than I would charge you.)

  1. Kersten Green is in North Portland. Kersten is an up-and-coming photography superstar, so hook up with her now before her rates go up and make her your go-to gal for warm family portraits.  kerstengreenphotography.com
  2. Margaret Jacobsen is a beautiful creative soul. Previously in California, she brings a huge smile and inspiring spirit to her work. Margaret, out of Lake Oswego but serving the Portland metro area, is running a holiday mini special through the end of November.   margaretjacobsen.com
  3. Emily Garrick is another woman whose child and family work is beautiful.  emilygphotography.com

A couple of other Portland family photographers with specials this month:


Two other Portland portrait photographers whose work I admire:



TIP: try to book your photographer as early as possible

so you’re able to schedule during a time that works for you and before the weather gets too dreary – and start ordering your holiday cards in time to catch a sale from tinyprints.com! Popular photographers like these ladies fill up quickly during the pre-holiday season, not to mention take time off to spend time with their families.

Good luck!

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