Meg and Doug.

This fall I’ve been really into the idea of photographing other photographers. I’ve been working with fellow photographer and friend Meg Belanger on weddings and bridals this year, and have been wanting to have the opportunity to photograph Meg and Doug together. I finally got to live out my dream!

Usually in a portrait session I go with how people are feeling at any given moment, and what’s happening in our immediate environment. Most of our session together was the combination of posed and spontaneous that I normally do for a portrait session. At one point, however, I had a very specific image in mind… both close, but still distinct personalities. I was absolutely delighted to see that with their cooperation I was able make exactly the image I had in mind (it involved legs sprawled around each other – top image).

Boston wedding photography
Boston MA wedding photographer

It is a mighty and powerful thing when two people find one another. May I never lose the wonder that my job is to explore the angles of the many expressions of love.

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By the way, they met doing a radio play of Alice in Wonderland in college. She was Alice. He was Narrator.

4 Responses to “Meg and Doug.”

  1. scotty Says:

    dude, i love it

  2. Grace Says:

    What amazing photos – I love the expressions and emotions you captured. It’s been so interesting for me to see the sessions in person, then later on photographs. I also love this location – I am definitely doing a session here soon!

  3. meg Says:

    I’m glad we could make your dream come true! It would make my mom’s dream come true if we could use these as engagement photos….

  4. jess Says:

    LOVE the first shot, rachel! awesome.

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