Idiot or Genius?

IdiotorGenius Portland OR

I did a little studio shoot for local Portland company Idiot or Genius. We got some funny, quirky little photos for them with my friends Oscar and Cadence and Aryanna and Kaety. I hope IoG sells more from their kids line (but they also do some very “adult” work with show posters and other screenprint designs as well).

Right now their eponymous t-shirt is a top seller.

IdiotorGenius Portland ORIdiotorGenius Portland OR


They also have some very Portland, and some subtly political stuff as well:

IdiotorGenius Portland OR

IdiotorGenius Portland OR

You should check out their stuff! I’m trying to get them to list these t-shirts up on their etsy page asap to accommodate the rush of orders after you all fall in love with their quirky, brilliant work.

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