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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Hi, all! I wanted to take a second to introduce myself before diving into today’s post. My name is Leah Jones, and I’m working with Rachel as her Marketing Manager. From time to time, I’ll pop on here and give you an update on what I’m working on or thinking is cool (this tends to change every 10 minutes or so, so buckle up!) and see what you think. I’m loving working with Rachel, and super-excited to get to say hi!

Love it or hate it, New England winters last and last. Luckily for us, New England also likes to show off its ability to change seasons, allowing us to thaw out a bit. After a long winter like the one we’re working our way out of, there’s nothing like a series of adventures to kickstart the spring.

For the month of April, Rachel is planning an adventure a day for weekdays. Thus far, she has a handful days set aside for springtime shenanigans, but she’s missing a few days. Here’s where you come in-suggest an adventure for Rachel to take, preferably in the North of Boston area. If you’re up to it, you can take her on the adventure yourself! Anything goes, so be creative-whether it’s a picnic with your friend who works in the circus or a day spent in museums and galleries off the beaten path, Rachel is up for it!

Here’s what she has planned so far:

1 acupuncture- Boston Alternative Health  (04.01: surprising)
2 random antique, vintage, and thrift store shopping north of Boston (04.02: disappointing)
3 local banks in Lowell
6 Wilmington MA
7 Lowell town-ish meeting
9 Dover, NH
15 short dress bridal shoot
16 Harvard, MA?
20 Marathon Monday
23 Virgin Air & Disneyland hotel
24 Rolling Hills, CA fun shoot
30 Mr. Sister release show at Great Scott

You can contact Rachel via e-mail ( or leave a comment below with your suggestion for a weekday adventure in the month of April.

Rachel’s note: If you’re looking for some adventures of your own, I’d recommend a great place to start – look up “local flavor” at