casting call: THREE YEARS OLD

I’m so excited about our July & August 2011 casting call. I’m looking for Portland THREE YEAR OLDS to photograph in the studio — it’s an age I don’t quite ‘get’ and I’m trying to experiment to see how a three year old responds to the camera and the unnatural situation of going to a studio location.

I don’t care what the kid wears; in fact if s/he dresses herself, ALL THE BETTER! I will be attempting to elicit extremely natural photos, which means no one will be asking your child to smile or pose. If s/he is feeling uncooperative or grouchy, THAT’S OK! We’ll just see what happens.

Photo shoots happen on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons at my studio in SE Portland. Session fee is waived, and your child will probably be featured in some kind of publication (at least blogged). If you want to support us, any files are available to purchase after the session for $20 but of course no purchase is required or expected. It’s all in good fun!

three years old

Here’s my first subject, Jude. He’s currently obsessed with ceiling fans and switches, and claims mommy is one year old.

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  1. Selena Says:

    Hello! I have a three year old who would be great for this. He would be a challenge as his new motto is to cover a face when I try to snap a photo! He will be three in October…so…well, I think he would be great anyway!
    Let me know if you need a pic or anything.
    my number is 503-318-6512

  2. rachel Says:

    Selena, thank you! I am looking for kids who are three years old in August for this project, however. Sounds like a fun challenge though, a kid who puts his hands in front of his face!! That’s part of the reason I chose this age to photograph 🙂

  3. Johanna Says:

    We saw Miss Tyler’s picture and would love to be involved. We have a three year old, who is of course the most handsome boy in the world. 😉 Please let us know if you are still accepting “subjects.”

  4. Kerrie Says:

    I would love to have my charasmatic, performer take part in this project. He LOVES the camera, and loves to be silly. Let me know, I’m off all next week, until I go back to teaching in a week.

  5. Georgina Says:

    Hello Rachel, I received your information from Erika & Stephanie… Rave reviews… My daughter Cora just turned three and I think this would be a great experiment for all! I have a few pictures that I’ve taken of Cora if you’d like to see her in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you and connecting.

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