Brittany, Mike, and Linus | Jamaica Plain MA family session

The day my camera broke.

Jamaica PLain MA photographer

It has happened before – Canon 5Ds are notorious for having a particular mirror come “unstuck” during use. The last time was in February 2008 right before our wedding when I was in San Francisco photographing an engagement session. The usual jokes about “we broke your camera… for real!” do apply, but those are usually reserved for grandpas as wedding guests flirting with the photographer.

Jamaica PLain MA photographer

Anyway, I was in Jamaica Plain MA with Brittany and Mike and their new adorable Linus (what kind of dog again guys?) on a BEAUTIFUL perfect Sunday afternoon. We were about 10 minutes into the session when aforementioned camera broke. Luckily, I was able to do a few more images with Brittany’s Canon rebel before rescheduling to complete the shoot on another day.

Jamaica PLain MA photographer

2 Responses to “Brittany, Mike, and Linus | Jamaica Plain MA family session”

  1. Mike Chu Says:

    These look great despite the problems. Linus looks as good as ever!

  2. Brittany Chen Says:

    Rachel! These are lovely! I especially love the last one of Linus – he looks like he just got caught in the middle of something naughty. 😉

    Hope your camera gets fixed quickly, and can’t wait to reschedule our shoot.

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