Boston, Massachusetts [ September 13-16, 2011 ]

I’m headed out to Boston for another working vacation! This year, I am only offering a limited number of portrait sessions on very specific days.

full color on location portrait session
September 15, 2011:

  • full color on-location portraits $150
    at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline MA

available times:

preferred session time

  • b&w fine art in-home portrait session – $240
    (2 available each day 9/14 & 9/15)
    1 spot left on 9/16 at 10:00am
    + small travel fee if your home is located outside Boston


session time preference
location specific address:

Fee includes your favorite high-resolution digital image. Disc of session images for additional $150.
First come, first served on time preference for portrait sessions.

Feel free to leave any questions you might have in the comments below.

in home b&w portrait session

6 Responses to “Boston, Massachusetts [ September 13-16, 2011 ]”

  1. Chris Menice Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    We want to lock in the 15th in the park with you for some family shots. I dropped you a message on Twitter as well to cover the bases.


  2. rachel Says:

    Chris, I will email you to confirm your 10am time and set you up in the system. I’m so excited to see your family again!

  3. rachel Says:

    I just revised the dates for the short sessions to include Thursday late afternoon and early evenings – to accommodate those with school-age children!

  4. Lisa Ball Says:

    any park sessions still left?

  5. rachel Says:

    Hi Lisa… Yes! We still have a few sessions yet. I just updated the drop-down to show our four times still available on Thursday, September 15.

  6. rachel Says:

    August 25: I just updated the location for the park sessions (Larz Anderson Park in Brookline) and made sure the paypal links are still working properly and updated.

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