Bat Mitzvah girls!

boston bat mitzvah photographer

Today Meg and I had the pleasure of photographing Jessie’s bat mitzvah. All of her friends were wearing these beautiful, colorful dresses. It was a fun day. And the Codman Carriage House in Lincoln, MA is a really great place to have an event. I loved the grounds and the way the event space opens up into a meadow (seen above).

I have to give props to two spectacular vendors. The DJ, Paul Madden with A Goodtime DJ, was the best I have ever worked with on an event. They had all of these games and dances that really were cool and interesting, and he didn’t try to tell bad jokes or anything. He kept the kids active, laughing, and dancing for like five hours straight. You can tell DJ Paul is a sincerely talented guy who lets his personality come through when he is working, rather than just putting on a game face and announcer voice. We really liked the music he chose, too… although seeing 13 year olds bust a groove to that apple bottom song was a tiny bit eyebrow-raising, that was the only sketchy moment for Meg and I when it comes to today’s DJ, which says something.

And the food! You guys have no idea, Sue Zahner of Tastings Caterers really knows her stuff. I was excited to meet Sue because Jessie and her family had such a good experience working with her in the preparation of the event, but it wasn’t until I tasted the perfectly prepared, flavorful dishes that I knew for sure that if I was going to get married again tomorrow in Boston, I would hire her. There’s something about eating food that was prepared for 100 and feeling like somebody was trying to impress you by creating a gourmet table spread… everything was so delicious. If you’re still looking for a caterer, you have to give Sue a call. She’s got a great personality to back that food, too.

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