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five years married

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Ali and I recently celebrated five years of marriage by getting back into our wedding clothes and doing a wetplate collodium portrait (three second exposure!) with Giles Clement.

My friend Gwyneth just relocated to Portland (yay!) and we asked her to help out with my hair (in addition to being a very talented photographer, she went to beauty school). Isn’t the hair fabulous and period? We also asked her to do some portraits of us in the home before we went out for our session with Giles.

photo: Gwyneth Colleen


Gwyn had the idea to recreate one of our favorite photos she took on our wedding day in 2008. The one on the left is her 2008 version in San Francisco’s Chinatown. The right is her 2013 version in Portland’s Chinatown. HOT TUB TIME MACHINE*



photo: Gwyneth Colleen

* note: I have never seen that movie but my husband and I like to shout that to one another every once in awhile