2009 session fees and standards

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know that I have settled on a lower session fee rate for portrait sittings this year as I build up my studio and explore the kinds of portrait photography I enjoy the most. My session fee (the term for the fee that covers the photographer’s time, talent, and travel) was $X but I just dropped it to $X and $X (weekday/weekend). I have to raise print prices slightly to accommodate this change, but this leaves you with the decision of which images to invest in rather than paying more money up front.

After your session, it takes me about 2 weeks to process through the images and choose the artist select images. I typically shoot a lot during a session and then do a dramatic edit down before a final creative post-process to bring images to life. If you can believe it, the admin part takes up more time than I spend behind the camera! My busy traveling and shooting schedule means I have to block out time every work week just to sit down at the computer and process images.

After your images are ready for viewing, we will set a time for your in-person image ordering session. This is the time when I show you your final images and talk with you about the type of photos and products you would like to order to display in your home and share as gifts. (People find it helpful to have the in-person consult of the artist, as it can be overwhelming to choose between great images!)

The location for our photo shoot can be in your home, on-location in a unique environment, or in our studio space.

Right now I am accepting many types of portrait sessions.

  • maternity
  • newborn
  • child birthdays
  • high school seniors
  • anniversaries
  • headshots
  • events (birthday parties, bat mitzvahs, etc.) priced individually

Wedding-related work (boudoir sessions, fearless bridals, and engagement sessions) by consultation.

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