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Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

destination wedding photographer rachel hadiashar

I’ve been enjoying kicking it slowly today with little redhead joshua and his family.

family photographer rachel hadiashar

what’s doing?

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

amish country in holmes county, ohio

After Jessie’s Bat Mitzvah on Saturday, I got a few hours of sleep and then took the first flight out to Akron, Ohio to photograph Katie and Vic’s wedding at Quail Crest Farm on Sunday. The wedding was so beautiful and local; I’ll write more when I have photos to show, but I was really impressed with the choices Katie and Vic made with their decoration and clothing options.

Meanwhile, I’m taking a couple of days off from administrative work (much needed!) since I had a double-header work weekend. We’ve been enjoying the farmlands of Ohio. It was lucky enough that the wedding is close to one of my best friends, and even luckier that yesterday’s work holiday meant that Ali got to stay out and enjoy the little vacation with me.

One of my favorite things to do out here is to go driving through Amish country. Sarah, who was a history major, is one of those people who grew up out here in the country and has that common sense understanding about most things. She gives the best tours, and knows just where to take me to see amish people out and about on their daily life – hanging out the clothes, taking a bike ride to the neighbor’s house, doing yard and farm work, and the kids playing in the yard. We have this quest to always find good amish bread and cheese, and we usually tear off large hunks of each and eat our way through the drive.

I’ve always been fascinated by Amish culture. I love that there’s an entire population who steadfastly refuse to follow American cultural norms. I love that they cook food that’s delicious and bad for you, and straight from raw ingredients without English preservatives. I love to see people who really dress like that and work the land, who give their young girls pony carts to drive around, and who cook and live without electricity.

It’s difficult to take photos of Amish people, out of respect to their culture and preference not to be photographed (you can see the pious disapproval on the face of the little girl on the right below). When I am photographing in Amish country, I try to be as discreet as possible, shooting from the car driving by or from behind. I really don’t want to be disrespectful but I can’t not bring my camera either. This culture is too rich and wonderful not to be documented.

Amish country Ohio

Bat Mitzvah girls!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

boston bat mitzvah photographer

Today Meg and I had the pleasure of photographing Jessie’s bat mitzvah. All of her friends were wearing these beautiful, colorful dresses. It was a fun day. And the Codman Carriage House in Lincoln, MA is a really great place to have an event. I loved the grounds and the way the event space opens up into a meadow (seen above).

I have to give props to two spectacular vendors. The DJ, Paul Madden with A Goodtime DJ, was the best I have ever worked with on an event. They had all of these games and dances that really were cool and interesting, and he didn’t try to tell bad jokes or anything. He kept the kids active, laughing, and dancing for like five hours straight. You can tell DJ Paul is a sincerely talented guy who lets his personality come through when he is working, rather than just putting on a game face and announcer voice. We really liked the music he chose, too… although seeing 13 year olds bust a groove to that apple bottom song was a tiny bit eyebrow-raising, that was the only sketchy moment for Meg and I when it comes to today’s DJ, which says something.

And the food! You guys have no idea, Sue Zahner of Tastings Caterers really knows her stuff. I was excited to meet Sue because Jessie and her family had such a good experience working with her in the preparation of the event, but it wasn’t until I tasted the perfectly prepared, flavorful dishes that I knew for sure that if I was going to get married again tomorrow in Boston, I would hire her. There’s something about eating food that was prepared for 100 and feeling like somebody was trying to impress you by creating a gourmet table spread… everything was so delicious. If you’re still looking for a caterer, you have to give Sue a call. She’s got a great personality to back that food, too.


Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

I was delighted to make another friend – Puerto Rican beauty Cristina – last week for a custom photography session in Cambridge. Isn’t Cristina charming? She’s packing up her house in Boston for med studies back in Puerto Rico and wanted to leave her friends with something special.

Although I brand and market toward weddings, bridals, and Boston boudoir photography, I am more than happy to provide custom photography commissions for people who love my style. I especially love to give a fashion-editorial look to my headshot sessions. In fact, you might not know this but I offer complimentary maternity and newborn sessions to all of my wedding clients!

[ see more photos of cristina here. ]
(be sure to check out the throwing petals photos toward the end!)

destination: NYC

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Today I had one of the very best bridal sessions I’ve had in awhile, thanks to Long Island’s Laura Ryan who invited me to join her for a very well thought out session in the city. We met up at Grand Central Station, then took the subway to the Met, and frolicked around central park. I generally try to avoid cliché city locations, but with NYC the same place is never the same shot, even if you just wait like 10 seconds it is completely different.

Without a doubt, my session favorite was a collaboration between Laura and I coaching the high school field trip through the central park tunnel around Jenn and Pete. They were so loud and enthusiastic, J + P had no idea there were like 50 kids coming from behind!

NUC destination wedding photography by Rachel Hadiashar

Here are some of my other favorites from the day: unique ethnic and destination wedding photography unique ethnic and destination wedding photography unique ethnic and destination wedding photography

destination: girl date.

Friday, May 16th, 2008

unique ethnic and destination wedding photography from

It’s not a secret that I love kids. LOVE them. I think they help us all remember what life is really about. Every once and awhile I get a chance to hang out with my friend M. and go on what we call a “girl date” where we go hang out and eat ice cream and do whatever she wants. Usually she likes to ride bikes but this time we rode scooters around back bay. It was pretty wonderful. Here’s a vignette from our date:

Boston destination wedding photographer Rachel Hadiashar of

off to Long Island!

Friday, May 16th, 2008

I’m spending the next few days in New York. I’ll be shooting my first Long Island wedding with one of my favorite photographers – Marina Miller out of Honolulu (who also shot our wedding in San Francisco!). When I am in New York I will also be meeting up with Long Island wedding photographer Laura Ryan.

But first, off to get an overdue oil change. I just found this place run by this guy, and I am intrigued.

I should have gotten out the macro lens…

Monday, May 5th, 2008

… but I didn’t have the heart. On Sunday I was on my way to meet up with some local photographers and discovered my car was broken into. Again. Did I mention this happened about two weeks ago parked in the same spot right across the street from my house?

CAR BROKEN INTO in boston ma

The first time, they got our GPS system. This time, we were smart enough to bring it in the house, but were still putting the cord in the glove compartment Someone decided it was time to look again, and walked away with the GPS cord (?) and four dollar bills, leaving our parking quarters and the contents of our glove compartment scattered all over the front seat.

car broken into boston ma

What… you guys didn’t want the fruit snacks? Or Ali’s hardcore cd collection?

Why did they have to break in, again, on a rainy night? Why did they take the cord?

a grand time

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I just about flipped when Christina suggested that we do their prewedding photo session in Newburyport, Massachusetts where she and Phil spend a lot of time. I would love to be able to call myself a Newburyport wedding photographer in the same way I would like to be a Concord wedding photographer. It’s just one of those quintessential new england towns that is small enough to be friendly and cute but happening enough to have stores and restaurants open past 5pm.

Furthermore, I was thrilled that we got to incorporate almost-six-year old Abby into the shoot. We all had a little adventure, going from the bakery to restaurants to the bookstore for all kinds of crazy cool photos. These guys had an amazingly optimistic attitude even though the rain never stopped! More on that later.

For now I want to share a few personal photos, which I don’t do that often on this blog. After talking with a coworker’s, Ali decided that a folding bike is exactly the right solution for his commute to work so he is not as dependent upon Lowell’s bus system schedule (subway-commuter rail-bus). I tell you what, I didn’t even know such a thing as a folding bike exists! On our way back to Boston, Ali and I stopped at a bike shop in Salem, MA to check out their folding bike collection.

Next to the Salem Bike Shop, there’s a cigar store that had these fantastic items in the front window (I love small towns!)

cigar shop in Salem MA

(dedicated to the lads of Moustache May)

Of course there was a cigar store indian, only this one was missing a large chunk of his arm so his hand is kinda just freefloating:

cigar store indian in Salem ma

And here’s a strange window display from what I presume is a tax prep office:

weird storefront in Salem MA

Ok, one more random photo to even it all out. On our way out of Newburyport to Salem we drove by this institutional looking corporation…. that had giant red robots guarding its drive. Ali and I have this thing for bots… but it was still kind of strange to see them right there in the middle of nowhere. Anyone know what company that is?

Newburyport MA red robots