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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

NYC destination wedding photographer

I can tell you the day. It was December 10, 2005.
I was hired to come take photographs at a noble NYC patron saint’s 90th birthday. At the time I was living with his granddaughter and had just moved to Boston. I was totally in awe of her cosmopolitan family and their fancy NYC lives. Her grandfather Thomas Keehn is amazing and I loved being around him, even though he never remembered my name. (I don’t blame him, he’s too popular and important.) Gloria Steinem was rumored to make an appearance at that particular party.

But time moves forward and a guest at the party, Perry (the man in the photo above) recently passed away. I received a message asking for the photo to be used in the funeral, and was floored by the response:

Thank you so much. When Leatrice (my mother-in-law) saw your photograph of Perry, she broke into that cathartic weeping that a mourner needs to give into in order to come to terms with what has happened. The photo grabs and brings back the “awesomeness” (as one of your bloggers put it) of the Perry we want so much to keep and remember — before illness robbed those blue eyes of their spark. I have framed a copy for Lea and she keeps it near her all the time.

I really can’t thank you adequately. Life falls apart. Art stitches it back together. You are a very special seamstress.


Wow. I am experiencing a bittersweet joy. I have been reminded in this experience how special the older people in our lives are, and how we need to cherish the opportunities we have to be with them. I am going to make a more concentrated effort to do portraits with the grandparents at the weddings this year, to remember to do things like a generational portrait with the bride and her mother and her grandmother. Sometimes at a wedding or bat mitzvah you have all these people running around, and about five minutes to get the family photos done, and want to slam through the required motions. But we as wedding photographers need to remember to ensure that families have photos of the special people in their lives.

As Benny so eloquently states, “Life falls apart. Art stitches it back together.”


Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

destination wedding photographer

Yesterday I spent the entire day in an UNinspiring seminar with a photographer who basically cursed the entire time and told us how we can extort the most money out of our clients by offering odd print sizes and custom framing… and only taking the same 30 poses over and over because those are the ones that “sell.”

Is it just me, or is your wedding worth a little bit more effort than a generic set of posing?

Today I met with a NESOP photography student who totally inspired me. Marissa said she wasn’t really interested in weddings until she saw my website, and that wedding photography could be artful. That made me realize I need to keep doing what I’m doing, despite the advice from some well-established photographers such as the one I did not name above.

And then this afternoon… let me tell you I have been sitting here working on my computer for more than FIVE hours preparing a couple of albums to be printed. They look totally hot, but I need to learn how to streamline this album design work because it is out of control time consuming! That’s what I get for being an inefficient perfectionist.

Also, I was totally and completely thrilled at what came in today’s mail. I met Erin and Jared when I was in Chicago last week, and our session was near a chocolate factory. I could smell the chocolate the whole time, but the retail store wasn’t open for business on a Sunday so I joked about how frustrated I was to be able to smell but not taste that chocolate. So today I got a package with their hand-printed wedding save the date card (which I love), a handwritten note, and a couple of tasty bags of chocolate covered goodies. Thanks Erin and Jared!

destination wedding photographer

Dave & Buster’s

Monday, April 14th, 2008
Rachel Hadiashar destination wedding photographer
Rachel Hadiashar destination wedding photographer
Rachel Hadiashar destination wedding photographer
Rachel Hadiashar destination wedding photographer
Rachel Hadiashar destination wedding photographer

This weekend was a rare opportunity for us to hang out with friends. We celebrated a birthday at the Providence Place Mall and I got to experience the magic that is Dave & Buster’s for the first time. Have you ever been there? It’s like Chuck-e-Cheese… for adults.

photography related commentary: It was interesting to shoot with my sweet f/1.4 lens on my Canon 5D. If you can believe it, all of the above images were taken in EXTREMELY dark conditions with no flash, using only available light. I’m excited to see what this lens-camera combination can do at a ridiculously dark reception venue. Whheeeee! /photography related commentary

I did have a lot of fun winning tickets and hanging out with friends. Sometimes I forget how good it is just to play… since my workweek easily takes over weekdays and weekends, I don’t always get a chance to be available when other people are hanging out.

And the prize Ali chose to buy with all of our ticket winnings is simultaneously disgusting and hilarious… a giant gummy bear! I can’t find the photo right now but I’ll post it later. Ewwwww!

recent travel… a recap

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

The past week has been spectacularly tiring and exciting. I spent last Wednesday through Friday in Denver, Colorado for a wedding… and had an opportunity to visit a friend who is studying to be a Catholic priest at seminary. I attended mass with nuns in habit and ate lunch with sem students on their beautiful campus. It was quite an experience.

After shooting the Friday wedding at The Pines at Gennessee in Golden, Colorado with awesome Denver photographer Brooke Trexler, I rushed off to return my car before *barely* making my flight to Chicago. On Saturday I had the honor of working with legendary Terre Haute photographer Anne Ruthmann for her Saturday Chicago wedding. Anne is one of the most articulate and kind people I know. She has a good answer for just about every question and is huge on sharing her knowledge with other photographers. It was a great experience to work with both Brooke and Anne.

I extended my visit in Chicago when I learned that the Rockstar Roadtrip would be here yesterday. I heard two magnificent speakers… wedding photographer Corey McNabb and baby lifestyle photographer Amber Holritz (whose husband Nathan rocked my world with some amazing home-based workflow insights back in February). I was also pleased that my friend Jen Stewart would be at the workshop and so happy we got to hang out a bit and share a room with a view off Michigan Avenue. Also my buddy Kenny Kim was there making his usual “man about the country” appearance at just about every photo industry function. The dude is a Boda Bag rep for goodness sakes!

Best of all, I made a few new friends! I met photographers Priscilla, Samantha, Jessica, Michael, Kristen, and Katie. (among others whose websites I do not know). I am especially excited to see what happens in this upcoming year with Priscilla and the Chicago Bridal Loft!

It’s been a great week, but I am ready to be home in Boston with my hot husband Ali. I’ll be traveling to Newport, NYC, and Providence in the next few weeks so if you are up for a meeting or photoshoot in one of those locations send me an email! [ ]


Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.

— Swedish Proverb